Try The World’s Most Nutritionally Dense Vegan, Organic & Zero-Prep Food Bar

This is more than a snack bar. Human Food provides full-spectrum nutrition, specifically designed to support a plant-based diet, with added functional ingredients for long term health & well-being.

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100% RI of Vitamin B12

Vegan & Plant-Based

Dr Hamed Kamali

Physician Certified In Plant-Based Nutrition

It was really convenient. If I was in a rush out the door and hadn't had breakfast, I knew I could just grab it and still have the right amount of nutrition. I was surprised to love it so much! It replaces a meal and it's really good for you.

*Trial box rolls into a 10-bar subscription 10 days after purchase.

What's In A Human Food Bar?

100% Organic Wholefoods

Backed By University Research

100% Organic & Sustainable

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Human Food is the organic, wholefood alternative to vitamin supplements. Nearly all supplements, multi-vitamins, meal replacements, and fortified foods contain synthetic nutrients.

 Synthetic nutrients are produced from industrial chemicals or non-food sources and are often both chemically and physically different from the food nutrients they attempt to replicate.

Human Food contains only wholefood nutrients, which are typically both more bio-available and more effective once in the body. For example, wholefood Vitamin E is over 7 times more bioavailable than its synthetic counterpart.

Chari Hawkins

Team USA Heptathlete

Helped keep me full and ready to go!  I was so focused, never once feeling tired or hungry all day. This is genuinely something that I have never gotten from a bar! For anyone that knows about workouts (or competitions), it is so hard to eat during them, especially being nervous. These were SO easy to eat during workouts. GAME CHANGER for me! 

I haven't heard of anything as nutritionally dense and as unique. I’ve searched for a bar like this since going plant-based - not only addressing the macros - but also the micro-nutrients. All flavours are delicious, satiating and full of superfoods that you might otherwise struggle to get on a daily basis.

Matt Dajer

Model / Co-creator of Yes Theory


When to eat them


As a nutritionally balanced meal replacement or snack

Pre or post workout to fuel your training regime

To supplement a plant based diet on the go